Quality Floors In USA

What are you proud of? Is it your growing family, your hard-earned college degree, or maybe it’s your career that you have dedicated endless years to? We have many achievements that we are proud of, and one of the biggest things that people are most proud of is their house that they have turned into a welcoming home.

From manicured lawns with pretty pink and purple budding flowers, to the green grass that has been tended to.

Inside your home you might have hired an interior designer to make it the perfect fit for your family, or maybe you have taken on DIY adventures with your family, creating memories along the way of living in your home.

We know the importance of homeowner pride, which is why when you purchase from My Carpet we make sure that you are receiving quality floors that are made in the USA. We pride ourselves not only on our locally made floors, but also on our quality customer service which has made us the most recommended, and ultimately, where friends send friends.

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Waterproof And Kid Proof Carpet

Whether you have animals that run circles outside and then come inside to run laps around your tables, to kids coming from the park to the dinner table, there are bound to be stains, spills and dirty paw prints on your floors and furniture. While we might not be able to help you with those dirty furniture stains, we have your floors covered when it comes to dropped cups, rain-soaked dogs and curious toddlers.

Our Tigressá® H2O™ carpet is not only approved for pet friendly households, but the softer, stronger carpet is also waterproof and kid proof.

If little Joey gets bumped by your dog chasing your cat and his cup of grape juice tumbles to the floor, our Tigressá® H2O™will repel the spill, making for easy, hassle free clean up.

Tigressá® carpets offer a smooth softness with high-performance durability, making this the ideal carpeting for a busy household. You want a carpet that will cushion a toddler’s fall as she’s learning to walk, and a carpet that will withstand a group of boys engaging in a friendly wrestling match.

Stop by today to see how we can make your home spill, kid and pet friendly!

Window Treatment Latest Trends

Bringing you the most stunning collection of blinds LI has to offer, Barrys My Carpets has extensive experience in helping their customers choose styles and designs that complement their home decor.

From Romans to verticals, from shutters to roller blinds, each style has its own unique benefits, helping to enhance natural light sources to create a living space that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Get your hands on the latest trends in window treatments and make a bold style statement with our modern blinds.

If you prefer the traditional look, Roman blinds create a gentle, folded pelmet, while timber venetian blinds will add a touch of timeless elegance to any room. With a range of fabrics, colours and rails to choose from, you can be sure that you’ll find something to suit your individual taste. Know more : http://www.barrysmycarpets.com/

Broad Range Of Different Laminate Floors

Searching for laminate flooring boards online? Don’t look any further, Carpets and Floors at Yours have the biggest online laminate flooring boards collection in Long Island. Laminate flooring has many advantages, it is very easy to clean, which a perfect solution for any busy household, and it looks fabulous in almost every room.

If you are looking for laminate floors online but don’t think your budget will stretch that far, then think again. Here at Barrys My Carpet at Yours, we have a broad online range of different laminate floor coverings to choose from.

We also have some fantastic laminate flooring deals, just browse our website to find your perfect choice and we will do the rest.

Barrys my carpet offers you the look and feel of real wood for a fraction of the price. Installation is easy with no mess, no fuss. And once it’s installed, it’s a look you’ll love for a lifetime. Laminate is scratch resistant, hygienic, easy to clean and very low maintenance.

Fashionable Rugs At Kane Carpet

For over 60 years Kane Carpet has been at the forefront of technology in the rug market. As a pioneer in the industry, Kane Carpet’s longevity is a testament for their customer-oriented approach.

Their enduring success can also be attributed to their quality offerings, fashion forward philosophy and business integrity.

With in-house designers to create trend setting style, Kane Carpet is considered an innovator rather imitator in the competitive rug industry.

Besides their fashionable rugs, Kane Carpet is proud that they’ve gained both the respect and trust of industry professionals, and consider it to be one of their greatest achievements. Click away and find your perfect rug today!

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Hard Wearing And Easy To Install

The ultimate in comfort

Enjoy the comfort of carpet and all the fabulous patterns and colors that have been designed with today’s active lifestyles in mind. The perfect foundation on which to build your room.

Easy and Versatile

The comfort of carpet with the convenience of individual tiles. It is easy to replace a damaged area and restore the beautiful look of your floor. Oh so practical, and not just for commercial applications.


They will think you spent more

Hard wearing and easy to install, Luxury Vinyl Flooring has all the look of expensive hardwood and tile without breaking the budget. It is water resistant which makes it an excellent choice for below grade installations.

Nourison Unique Area Rugs

Fast, Easy and Fun!

Choose your favorite design and colors to coordinate with your home décor from Nourison… The Color Couture program was designed to make it possible to create unique area rugs in custom designs, colors, textures and surface finishes.

This simple and easy to order program is the ideal solution for customers who want the option of ordering absolutely unique area rugs in a variety of combinations.

Nourison inspires luxury and style in the world of home decor. Follow Barrys My carpets on social media for interior design inspiration and color trends.

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